Documents in your Sparrow Mobile App

Make sure your workforce has access to critical documents when they need them the most

Sparrow Vital Docs helps you share important documents with your workforce. Whether your employees are in the field or on a business trip, make sure they have the latest version of your documents within the convenience of the Sparrow mobile app.

Vital Docs are available offline, making it perfect to share emergency procedures, safety documents and other critical files that can be accessed without data and/or internet connection.

Scenario - Vital DocsThe video's key moments

  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 0:10 - Locating Vital Docs on your Mobile App
  • 0:15 - Vital Docs Feed
  • 0:36 - Inside a Folder
  • 0:39 - Inside a Vital Document
  • 0:43 - Security details of a Vital Doc
  • 0:59 - Summary

Where can I add a vital document?

 You can add, manage, and target vital documents in the Manage Documents section of the Sparrow Admin Portal. Only users with proper permissions have access to your organization's Admin Portal.

Can I download vital documents?

No. This feature was made for secure, private and/or confidential documents. Vital documents are accessible offline, so you access them even without an internet connection.