Release notes - April 27, 2022


  • Upgraded user invites to allow users to be added to audiences before they accept the invite.
  • User invite performance and optimization enhancements

Bug fixes:

All Platforms

  • Backend performance and stability fixes

Admin Portal

  • User management activity logs were not loading for some users
  • Searching by author name in post management screen returned no results found
  • Unsubscribe link in newsletters leads to a page that doesn't exist
  • Changing the sending date for a future issue in a newsletter to the same day as an already published issue resulted in the issue being sent every 5 minutes
  • Creating multiple Sparrow user accounts in a row resulted in all users being assigned the email of the first user created
  • Link in the info message on the Activity Tools page resulted in a 404 page not found error
  • Boosting a post did not move the post to the top of the feed
  • Email blasts always sent from email address