Release Notes - July 6, 2022


All Platforms

  • Authors can mention users in both posts and events across all platforms: Admin Portal, SharePoint, Teams

Admin Portal

  • Newsletters:
    • Added a new body text field below the header text field so authors can add introductory text or simply use newsletters to communicate a particular message to a specific audience.
    • Added rich text editing to all text fields:
      • Header text
      • Body text
      • Footer text
    • Header and Footer text is now optional

Bug fixes:

Admin Portal

  • Multiple Sparrow Accounts can have the same email address. This fix only allows unique email addresses regardless of account type.
  • Adding a header image to a newsletter without adding a footer image results in the newsletter not sending.
  • Posts in newsletters are not sorted. With this fix we are sorting unread posts oldest to newest by publish date.