Release Notes - June 22, 2022


  • Added default sort order to the "Download all user data" report. The report is sorted alphabetically by the first name.
  • Updated the "Nickname" field to "Preferred Name"

Bug fixes:

All Platforms

  • Unable to delete draft posts

Admin Portal

  • When removing a future newsletter issue, the confirmation dialogue had a "$" in front of the date.
  • Updated the "Total Reach" when publishing a post to count unique users for the selected topics so users are no longer double-counted.
  • Uploading documents with file extensions in all capital letters (IE - .PDF) would add duplicate file extensions.
  • When an ad-hoc newsletter is disabled, users could still add future issues.
  • Deselecting a topic group when editing or creating a post did not remove all topics under the topic group.
  • Unable to delete audiences associated with deleted newsletters


  • Viewing an all-day event showed the starting time as 12:00 am instead of "All Day"
  • Unable to create a new ad in the classic Marketplace web part.

MS Teams

  • Long topic names extend off the postcard and do not wrap to the second line.
  • Searching posts by date range did not respect the end date and displayed posts to the current date.