Release Notes - November 23, 2022


  • Platform Analytics updates
    • Added custom date range selection for all charts in Post Analytics. Now administrators can select various date ranges to filter Platform Analytics by, including a custom date range picker. The date range filter also gets applied to all charts.
    • Improved User Trends data to include number of users that have viewed one post or event as well as number of users that have reacted or commented on a post
    • Renamed "Active Users" to "Engaged Users" to better capture the metric for users that have engaged with content as opposed to users that have logged in.
    • Added "Top 10 Events with Most Views"
    • Removed "Most Subscribed Topics" as we are planning for future enhancements to topic and audience analytics that will be more helpful and insightful.
    • Learn more about the Platform Analytics updates here .
  • Performance and stability improvements

Bug fixes:

Admin Portal

  • After searching for posts using a keyword and navigating to a different page then back to the post management screen loads the previous search results with no way to clear the search filter except reloading the page.
  • Reaction calculation in post analytics was incorrect.
  • Auto creation of Sparrow Accounts using the User Profile Sync system injected the email address as the user ID.
  • New Sparrow Accounts being created through the User Profile Sync without an employee ID present created accounts with a blank username.