Release Notes - October 26, 2022


  • User profile sync update
    • Improved performance and scalability
    • Can now set to auto invite Social accounts and/or auto create Sparrow accounts if the users do not already exist in Sparrow.
    • Added support for pipe delimited files
  • Added support for audience limits to be set per tenant allowing scalability to meet business needs
  • Compliance posts automatically set to expire after 30 days and cannot be changed
    • Compliance posts will no longer expire automatically by default. Authors can still set an expiry date if they so choose but this allows more flexibility for creating evergreen compliance posts
  • Backend platform upgrades and performance enhancements

Bug fixes:

All Platforms

  • Mentioning users in a scheduled post would notify the mentioned user immediately as opposed to when the post is published

Admin Portal

  • Okta sync screen did not save the mobile phone field when updated to use "Primary Phone"
  • Azure AD fields were not syncing on user creation and would only be updated the next time the sync ran


  • Post Viewer Tiles web part is not respecting subscriptions when Ignore Subscriptions is left unchecked

MS Teams

  • Post summary and post title text is getting truncated in MS Teams chatbot cards
    • For long summaries, the text will be truncated after 6 lines