Release Notes - January 1, 2022

New Features


User Profile Screen Update

  • Redesign of the user profile screen both in the admin portal and the user portal which now contains the username for Sparrow accounts.

Audience management redesign

  • Updated interface for managing audiences with streamlined create and edit workflows. Including the addition of creating and managing new Smart Audiences. With more information about your audiences right on the Audiences dashboard including standard search and filter functionality, you can find the audience you're looking for quicker than ever.


Category Tags(Currently available for Documents only)

  • Setting the foundation for content organization in the future, category tags allow communication professionals to create a set of tags using keywords, themes, or short terms. Customize each category tag by setting a default audience and default notified audience to streamline granting access to new content.


  • Breaking News expiry date no longer limited to 3 days
  • Backend service upgrades

Bug fixes

The following issues have now been resolved.

  • Home feed only displaying on 50% of the screen width in the MS Teams mobile app.
  • Submitting a post as a contributor with a topic set to auto-publish in SharePoint results in an error.
  • Submitting a post as a contributor in SharePoint, the post editor disappears when a topic is selected.
  • Default notification & reminder settings not respecting global tenant settings.
  • Drafts without a topic do not display on the manage post page.
  • Cannot close an event preview in SharePoint and must reload the page.
  • Breaking news banner in SharePoint disappears before the set expiry time.
  • Mandatory topics not automatically subscribing users
  • Multi-day events only show the first day of the event even when it's past. They will now show the next event day and sequence properly.
  • In MS Teams, searching an audience in "manage user subscriptions" displays blank audience name in search results