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  3. Manage Users, Roles and User Profiles

Understanding Users, User Profiles, and your Directory

Users are employees, volunteers, internal or external / full-time or part-time staff, and/or team members who have been granted access to your Sparrow Connected Platform. Your Directory, or "Sparrow Directory," is a centralized list of all users.

User with the Owner/Admin role can manage your organization's users and directory or user list from the Manage Users & Permission screen.

Depending on the user's account type, state, role and permissions, users can:

  • Sign in and access the Sparrow Connected apps in MS SharePoint and MS Teams, the Web Portal, and/or your Mobile App
  • Access and modify their User Profile.

To access a User Profile, select on any user in the User List. On each User Profile you'll see two navigation tabs:

  • Profile Details shows the basic information about the employee. If you are an employee, you can modify your own profile details through the My Profile section of the portal or mobile app.
  • Audiences & Permissions is only accessible and editable by Owners.