MS Teams 3.0

Making MS Teams even better

Sparrow can turn Microsoft Teams into an employee communication channel. Our third release is packed with features that will increase readership and engagement at your organization.

Sparrow for MS Teams support document attachments and boosting posts. My Sparrow has been given a fresh look—maximizing the space for news and event feeds, and providing employees with better control over their profile details and preferred settings.

MS-Teams-ProductThe video's key moments

  • 0:00 - Overview
  • 0:05 - Sparrow Authoring Updates: Attaching documents
  • 0:29 - Enabling Reactions and/or Comments
  • 0:42 - Boost Feature
  • 1:11 - Introducing My Feed, Events and Preferences in My Sparrow
  • 1:30 - New My Feed Filter
  • 1:51 - Upgraded Events Feed
  • 2:06 - Enhanced Preferences
  • 2:24 - Modifying topic subscriptions
  • 2:30 - Summary

What are the key features of Sparrow for Teams?

Sparrow brings employee communications via news, and events into MS Teams. Learn more about the key features here.

Our workforce doesn't use MS Teams. Is there any other way to access these features?

Sparrow supports and integrates several channels. For example, the same functionality is available in SharePoint, a non-Microsoft Intranet Portal and even the Sparrow mobile app. The Sparrow portal provides your workforce full access to your published content (posts, events, etc.) in a centralized location, with or without a Microsoft Work Account, through a unique portal designed and branded for your organization.

Once set up, your portal can be accessed by any employee, using any account type with the proper permissions (such as Google or LinkedIn accounts), through modern web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.