A Quick General Use Tutorial

The Basics of Sparrow Mobile

Reach your workforce on the channels they use daily. Sparrow’s brandable, native iOS and Android apps allow you to connect and engage with your workforce even those that do not have corporate accounts.

The Sparrow app's social media style provides a quick and familiar experience to your workforce—allowing them to easily engage on-the-go, or in the field.

You can also learn more about the importance of Mobile use for communication professionals in our blog post, Why mobile is Essential to Successful Internal Communications.

Step 5-1The video's key moments

  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 0:13 - Mobile App Branding
  • 0:17 - Understanding the Newsfeed
  • 0:36 - Parts of a post
  • 0:52 - Reacting and Commenting on a Post
  • 1:35 - What to do with Compliance and Mandatory posts
  • 2:18 - Summary

Other Key Features Explained

The Sparrow mobile app's features also include:

  • Explore. Search and explore content. Allow your workforce to easily discover and read past content on any topic that they have access to.
  • My Profile. Allow users to customize personal details such as their name, cell number, and nickname.
  • Preferences. These are settings that each employee can personalize. It includes topics subscriptions and notifications.
  • Chat. A secure way to chat with your workforce. No more WhatsApp, reach your colleagues even those without corporate accounts.
  • Documents. Documents compile important company files that your employees can access both offline and online.
  • Events. Get your employees to register for the latest corporate, training and important company events.
  • Surveys. Surveys to collect feedback from your workforce.

Not seeing these features on your phone? Your administrator or internal communications team may have disabled them, or they might have not been set up for your organization.

Can people outside of our organization access the contents of the app?

No. Anyone using the app is required to authenticate. If an unauthorized account tries to sign in, they will not be able to access the app and your content.