Creating and Managing Posts in MS Teams

Topics, Audiences, and Parts of Creating a Post

Sparrow Posts are used by communication professionals to distributed news, policy changes, special announcements, and articles. Posts keep your workforce informed and updated on the changing events, issues, or news of your organization.

There are several features and settings available to allow post personalization and configuration. For example, topics and audiences can be used to organize content and target specific groups or departments.

Watch the video to learn more about topics, audiences, post authoring, and other post settings. Or visit Sparrow Post Structure and Components for more information.

The video's key moments

  • Scenario - Sales Enablement0:00 - Overview
  • 0:13 - Intro to Audiences
  • 0:40 - Creating an Audience
  • 1:45 - Intro to Topics
  • 1:54 - Parts and Settings of a Topic
  • 3:00 - Authoring: Where to start creating posts
  • 3:20 - Creating a post: Post Content (Image, Title, Summary, Body)
  • 5:21 - Analyzing your post
  • 5:45 - Languages and drafting translations
  • 6:37 - Post Settings: Topics and Post Types
  • 7:50 - Other optional Post Settings
  • 8:26 - Editing notifications & reminders
  • 9:14 - Understanding the power of one-click

Who can create or publish posts?

Only users with the proper permissions can create and/or publish posts or other types of content.

Sparrow has security model allows you control over which users can create, submit, and publish posts. Users that can only create and submit posts require their content to be approved by a manager or an administrator prior to publishing.

Contact your Sparrow Account Manager to learn more, or to set a Workshop or Training Session on how to configure Authoring permissions.

How can I access reports and what types of reports are available?

Reports are available in the Admin Portal. These include views and engagement scores, post activities, reading comprehension and analysis, compliance and/or read status reports, and more.

Take note! Insights and reports depend on the settings associated with each post. For example, compliance posts do not allow reactions or comments which disables activity scores.
Only users with the proper permissions can access the reports.

Only users with the proper permissions can access the reports.