Understanding content topics and filters in newsletter settings

Each newsletter will pull posts and/or events from your feeds, so posts and/or events on each email received vary depending on the users topic subscriptions, the topic setting of the newsletter, and the read status for each user i.e. if the user has already read the post and/or events.


The topic setting, also known as the Lock newsletter content to specific topics setting, is used to filter the content that goes into each newsletter. This helps you reinforce certain conversations or messages of posts and/or events.

  • Use employee's topic subscriptions. Each employee has unique topic subscriptions, and this is a good setting to use if you want to send out a newsletter that is intelligently customized for each employee. If selected, our system will automatically grab the content (posts and events) that are tagged with the topics the employee is subscribed to.
  • Use all topics. This setting will ignore the employee's topic subscriptions and will grab all unread posts and events using all topics.
  • Custom topics. You can use this settings if you want to filter out the content type to specific topics only. This is a helpful tool for themed newsletters. For example, you can select "HR Updates" as a topic so that the newsletter will grab only HR related content.

You can manage topics and its settings through Targeting Tools > Topics in the Admin Portal. You can find out more about topics and audiences here: Topics and Audiences


The content type setting, or the Include posts section and Include events section toggles, allow you to have a news-centric or events-centric, or both, newsletter. This setting tells our system which content type you want or don't want to include in your newsletter.