Intro to Sparrow Connected apps in MS Teams


Sparrow and MS Teams, a perfect match

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform. Sparrow designed an integrated MS Teams application to bring corporate communications right into the platform. Don’t miss important corporate communications within the ever-scrolling chat feeds. Separate announcements from work or personal chats.

Using Sparrow dynamic feeds and easy-access publishing, your administrators and/or internal communications teams can now quickly reach and engage with your entire workforce right within MS Teams.


Sparrow for Teams Features Explained

 The key features of Sparrow for MS Teams include:

  • My Sparrow. A brandable MS Teams app that can be pushed via a deployment policy to your entire workforce. MySparrow delivers personalized news, events, surveys, and documents to each employee.
  • News and Events Authoring. Support content authoring right from MS Teams. These tabs can be added to specific teams in your organizations and can limit who can create and/or publish content. Once an Authoring tab has been added to a Team, only people who are included in that team can publish news and events within the  Sparrow platform.
  • News and Events Feeds. Support Intranet like functionality right within MS Teams. Show news, and events related to the team’s purpose.
  • Sparrow Management. Bring Sparrow administration functionality right into MS Teams. Manage Audiences and Topics, right within Teams.

Who can access Sparrow for Teams?

The My Sparrow app is accessible to anyone in your organization. This app allows employees to filter internal news, announcements and events that they are interested in. It also allows them personalize their Preferences.

Authoring and Content Feed Tabs (News/Events Authoring, News/Events Feed) and the Sparrow Management Tab access can be controlled by the membership of the Team(s) where those tabs were installed.