How do I unpin the Sparrow App from Microsoft Teams?

Remove the Sparrow application from the Microsoft Teams navigation for everyone in your tenant.

During Sparrow Take Flight a link to the Sparrow Teams application is added to the left navigation of Microsoft Teams for all Sparrow users in your organization.


This is achieved using a Microsoft Teams setup policy. If you would like to remove the icon for your users, you (an administrator) need to modify this policy using the following steps:


  • From the list of available policies, double click the Sparrow policy to edit it.
  • In the list of pinned apps, select the Sparrow application and click remove from the toolbar.
  • Click Save.


  • You will be returned to the previous screen.
  • After the policy has been deployed to your users, the Sparrow application will automatically be removed from the left navigation.

Please note: Be patient, policy propagation will take up to 24 hours.