Overview: Introduction to Sparrow

The omnichannel experience

Sparrow provides easy segmentation, quick content creation, and in-depth analytics to help every communication professional reach and connect with their entire workforce and while optimizing the employee experience.

Intranet Lite Preview-1Sparrow's Main Features

Sparrow is a fast-growing platform. We're adding features each day targeted to the needs of the communication professional.

Our platform includes posts, events, surveys and documents publishing, Crisis Communications, Electronic Direct Mailing, Performance Measurement, Analytics, and more. We are also known for providing multiple, self-contained channels that complement each other and increase the reach of your communications.

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Our Customers

Sparrow is designed for workforce communication. We are the first solution specifically built for mid-market corporate communications, whether you have 200 or 50,000 employees, Sparrow can help you communicate with your entire workforce.

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Why Sparrow?

Sparrow is built for communication professionals, by communication professionals.

We know and have what communicators need. From content publishing to communication metrics, our award-winning, affordable platform is here to help your organization focus on communication and engagement, while we focus on everything else.