Mobile app features for employees

Sparrow Connected makes it easier for communication professionals to publish content that reaches the right employees, on the right channels, at the right time - including on mobile apps. 

But what else can you do in the app aside from reading the information published by your organization? 

  • Share. Use the Share icon to get a link that you can send and share with your colleagues or friends. 
  • Read Later. When signed in as an employee, you can save content to read it later. Tap on the Bookmark icon to save the content. Go to Menu and the Saved for Later section to get all your saved posts. 
  • React. Organizations can configure up to six reactions including thumbs up, thumbs down, love it, angry, etc. You can use these reactions to interact with content just like you would on your favorite social media app. 
  • Comment. You can leave comments, share your ideas and express your thoughts on the content in your feed. 
  • Chat. Use the secure chat when you’re signed in and connect with your colleagues. 
  • Personalize. Personalize your profile and preferences including your nickname, topic subscriptions, notifications, and language preference. Go to the Profile icon on the navigation or the Menu icon to access your Profile details and preferences.