Release Notes - January 4, 2023


Admin Portal

  • Updated both the Post and Event management screens to include the following:
    • New tab to include all post states (Published, Scheduled, and Drafts)
    • Updated filters for "Published Between"
    • Ability to sort each column in either ascending or descending order
      • Exception is topics as there can be more than 1 topic assigned to each post
    • Show up to 100 rows instead of the current limit of 10
    • Added pagination option to skip to first and last page

Bug fixes:

Admin Portal

  • Okta SSO access token not renewing after 24 hours
  • "Custom Author" in the post creation screen not formatted correctly
  • When creating and editing a Document, "Uncategorized" is an option to select as a category
  • "Save as Theme" option is available when creating or editing a newsletter with a custom template.
    • Custom templates have preset branding and colors which cannot be changed so this option will not be available
  • Duration of a "Breaking News" post is not recognized when setting a scheduled publish date and expiry date of a post resulting in being unable to publish the post.
  • Events are can be published with an end date set to a day prior to the start date.