Release Notes - May 11, 2023


  • Added various updates and fixes for mobile numbers and SMS notifications.
    • Added a new country code selector for the Mobile No. field in both Admin Portal and Customer Portal
      • Simply search and selected your country code then enter your mobile number
      • No more worrying about entering the correct format, we'll take care of that for you

        Screenshot 2023-05-11 at 4.12.24 PM
    • Added a new Verify mobile number link in case you or someone on your team didn't receive the opt-in message. Ensure the phone number is correct and click the link to trigger a new SMS opt-in message

      Screenshot 2023-05-11 at 4.13.35 PM
    • After verifying your mobile number and opting in, SMS notifications will be turned on automatically.
    • Tidied up unsupported handlebar placeholders in the notification and reminder tenant settings
    • Updated the audience selection to include select all and search in the SMS blast feature so you can quickly target your message to the right people.
    • Also added a character limit counter in the SMS blast feature so you know when you're getting close to the maximum message length