Renewing your Teams client secret with Sparrow


  • Access to App registration permissions 
  • Permissions to create secrets 


Renewing the client secret 

  1. Go to
  2. Go to ‘App registrations’
  3. Click ‘All applications’
  4. Search ‘Sparrow Teams SSO’ 
    MS Teams - Secret - IT 1
  5. Click the ‘Sparrow Teams SSO’
  6. Select ‘Certificates & secrets’ 
    MS Teams - Secret - IT 3

  7. Click ‘New client secret’ 
  8. Make the description ‘Sparrow Teams SSO Secret’ 
  9. Ensure the expiry is 1 year and click ‘Save’ 
  10. Copy the Value of the secret, please send this value using a similar site like  
  11. Copy the link of the secret and give this to the Sparrow agent.
    MS Teams - Secret - IT 2