Updating Sparrow Intranet Modern SPPKG File

Ensuring you have the latest updates for Sparrow Connected web parts.

Sparrow Connected deploys releases every two weeks with new features, improvements, and bug fixes which will periodically require a new package to be installed. This document outlines the process for updating the SharePoint package on your company intranet


  • SPPKG file your Sparrow Connected representative provided you.
  • SharePoint Admin access


You will need to update each Site Collection individually unless you used the global catalog.

Updating the Site Collection App Catalog

  1. Go to your SharePoint Site
  2. Click the gear on the top right

  3. Next click ‘Site Contents’

  4. Next click ‘Apps for SharePoint’

  5. Drag and drop the sparrow-intranet-modern.sppkg your Sparrow representative provided you. If you get a similar dialog below click 'Replace it'

  6. Next click ‘Deploy’

  7. Finally, you should be able to see the app is deployed like so:

Once this process is complete, you will have the latest version of the Sparrow Connected Intranet Modern web parts including new features, improvements, and bug fixes.