What are Sparrow Connected "channels"?

Sparrow Connected makes it easier for communication professionals to publish content that reaches the right employees, on the right channels, at the right time. 

At Sparrow Connected, we understand that some employees prefer to use MS Teams, some the Intranet, while others like to use a web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web portals or the Sparrow Mobile App. We consider all of these (and more) to be Sparrow Connected communication channels

Every Sparrow Connected channel displays the same information, regardless of what channel the content is published from. All channels behave the same way. No matter the channel, you always have access to profile details, preferences, and personalized feeds. Find out more about personalized feeds here

  • Mobile App & Company Web Portal

    The mobile app and the company web portal are accessible to your entire workforce.

    When using the mobile app, you can install either the mobile app that has been branded for your organization, or you can use the Sparrow Connected generic mobile app. When you sign in to either app, Sparrow validates your credentials prior to displaying any content.

    The Company Web Portal works the same way, but it doesn’t require installation from the app stores. Users simply access the portal using any modern browser like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

    The sign in process is the same for both channels. You can sign in with your account here. Not sure which account to use? Contact your Sparrow Connected administrator to get further instructions. Due to privacy reasons, Sparrow Connected cannot provide you with that information.

    If you’re a guest, you have access to the organization’s public information in the Mobile App news feed. 

  • Microsoft Teams App & SharePoint Intranet

    The SharePoint Intranet & Microsoft Teams App are a bit different from the mobile app and company web portals. These channels require your organization to have a Microsoft 365 (M365) account. M365 accounts or work accounts usually include the organization name. For example, winston.bishop@flightward.com. If this email comes from your MS Active Directory and has been provided by your admin, sign in using the Microsoft Work Account option.

    The Sparrow Connected MS Teams app may have been rebranded by your organization, but its functionality is the same. It includes a home screen with your personalized news feed, your events feed, and your Profile details and Preferences.

    Your MS SharePoint Intranet also has pages that your organization can modify. These pages function similarly like any webpage, where administrators can design and customize the components and parts of the page to fit the needs of the organization. Sparrow Connected has components that allow employees to access news and event feeds, profile, and preferences.

    Remember! Your organization needs a M365 account to access these Microsoft-specific channels.