How to use the mobile app as an employee, staff, volunteer, or team member

If you’re reading this article, you must have recently installed your organization’s mobile app. Seeing “Sparrow Connected”? Don’t worry! Sparrow Connected is the company powering your organization's mobile experience.

The mobile app is part of a modern communications platform that makes it easy for your company to distribute the right content, for the right employees, on the right channels, at the right time.  

With the Sparrow Connected mobile app, you now have access to an easy-to-use hub for real-time news, valuable information, and updates from your company on your phone. Much better than a bunch of emails clogging up your inbox!  

Questions about privacy and security? Visit our website to learn more about our commitment to keeping your information safe. 

Getting started with the app 

Your organization uses the Sparrow Connected platform, including the Mobile App, to publish news, events, documents, surveys and more for employees. This content is automatically added to your News Feeds based on your role and preferences. Simple, right?  

Let's dive deeper as we explain what you’ll see as you use the mobile app. 

Log In Screen 

You must have visited, or skipped, the login screen on your way here. You can access this again by clicking on the Profile icon on the navigation menu. You’ll have to go back to the home screen to see the menu. 

Employees, volunteers, and team members are encouraged to login with their employee login credentials to access exclusive content and features specifically for your organization. 

Not sure which account to use? Contact your Sparrow Connected administrator to get further instructions. Due to privacy reasons, Sparrow Connected cannot provide you with that information. 

You can also continue as a guest but you will only see public content such as Press Releases or Public Announcements.  

Note: If you don’t login, you will likely miss out on the latest and greatest updates and announcements.  

Home Screen / News Feed 

When you enter the app, you’ll land on the home screen. This is where you can find your news feed. Think of it as your news feed in social media apps, but showing company content. 

You’ll only see news for topics that you are subscribed to. What does that mean? Content is tagged with one or more topics which help your communication team categorize content. It also helps you determine which categories you want to subscribe to. 

Once you subscribe to topics, any new or updated content published with one of those topics will show in your news feed. To modify your Topic Subscriptions, tap on the Menu icon and then select General Settings. Here you’ll find Topic Subscriptions where you can tap to select the topics you want to follow. Once you're finished selecting the topics you want to follow, the feed will be automatically refreshed. 

When you’re logged in, you’ll be able to see critical and important content flagged with banners such as “Must-read” or “Mandatory.” These articles are important for you to read and means that your organization targeted them specifically to you. Some articles may even have the “Must-comply” or “Compliance required” banner— these articles require active compliance via a checkbox at the bottom of the article.  

Viewing a post or news article 

When you tap on an article in the news feed, you’ll be directed to the full article, where you can read and interact with the content. 

If you’re logged in, you’ll also be able to comment, react or save the post for later if these settings are enabled for that post. 

Profile Screen 

When you are signed in and enter the Profile screen, you’ll see the basic details of your profile including your Name, Preferred Name, and Mobile Number. Some of these fields are editable while others are not. 

Menu Screen 

You’ll be able to access Events, Surveys, Documents, and your Saved Posts when you go to the Menu section. You’ll also see other settings that you are free to modify to fit your needs. You can change your notification settings, topic subscriptions, chats, language preference and more. 

Any changes made to your Profile or Preferences will be reflected across the Sparrow Connected platform regardless of which channel you use. 



What is a Sparrow Connected “Channel”? 

Our goal is to make it easier for you to access content from your communications team on the channels that you use most. The content that your communications team publishes will always be available on all the channels that your organization has set up, from Intranet to MS Teams to Mobile Apps and more. 

Learn more about Sparrow Connected channels