Release Notes - March 8, 2023


  • Implemented more granular authoring permissions so Authors can be given access to publish to specific topics
    • This update will serve as the foundation for future permission updates as we expand roles and granularity in the coming months.
    • When topics are assigned to an author, they can see posts published to the assigned topic(s) in the post management screens across the portal, SharePoint, and MS Teams.
    • When publishing, only the topics they are assigned to will be available to choose from
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  • Increased width of the view post and event modals to 800px so they are consistent across all channels (Portal, SharePoint, MS Teams).
  • Performance and stability enhancements

Bug fixes:

All Platforms

  • Hero banner images appear grainy or blurry.
    • We updated the image logic and sizes to ensure we're using the correct image dimensions in the hero banner across all platforms.

Admin Portal

  • When clicking a post that has been deleted from the "Top 10 Posts with Most Views" chart in Platform Analytics resulted in a blank white screen.
  • We've added an error message to indicate the post is no longer available
Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 4.07.49 PM.png
  • "Top 10 Posts with Most Views" and "Top 10 Events with Most Views" excel reports were ordered by published date
    • We improved the report to sort by total views so the data matches the charts on the screen