User Management Activity Log

All user management activities are tracked and they can be accessed through the User Management Activity Log. The table shows you:

  1. Activity. One one the following:
    1. Adding one Social user
    2. Adding one Sparrow user
    3. Bulk adding Social users (sending mass social user invites)
    4. Bulk adding Sparrow users (importing a CSV file and assigning User IDs in bulk)
    5. Editing a user (including modifying their profile details or their roles)
    6. Deactivating a user
    7. Reactivating a user
    8. Deleting a user

  2. Activity date. Records when the action took place.
  3. Admin/Owner. Tracks who performed the action.
  4. Actions. Shortcuts that help you verify or modify the action.

You can also download the data or search and filter for specific activities:

How to get there

Only Owners/Admins can access these activity logs.

  1. Sign in to your portal
  2. Go to the Admin Portal
  3. Click on "Users and Permissions" on the navigation
  4. Go to More Options > User Management Activity Log