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Understanding Account Types

Microsoft Work Account

Your Microsoft Work Account is created from your company's Microsoft Active Directory (AD). AD is a common directory service provided and created by Microsoft. This is a centralized directory for employee records and data such as your name, role, contact information and more.

Employees usually get a Work Account branded with the company name. For example, winston.bishop@flightward.com. If this email comes from your AD and has been provided by your admin, sign in using Microsoft Work Account.

Social Accounts (Google, LInkedIn, Facebook, Apple, MS Live)

Some organizations prefer account types of accounts from different providers such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Apple or MS Live (Microsoft Personal Accounts).

With Sparrow, employees are not required to have a Microsoft AD account to be given access. Employees or staff members can access your organization's content using their own personal email addresses.

Request an invitation from your admin to register your account. Your admin will ask for the email address that you’d like to use as your login credentials. You will then receive an invitation in your inbox, and this email will redirect you back to the login screen. Choose the provider that best suits you to sign in— your email would have already been granted access at this point.

Sparrow Accounts

You organization can also create an account for you directly within Sparrow.

Some organizations do not have Microsoft Active Directory, and want to avoid using personal or social email addresses. Sparrow Accounts are a good option for this type of organization. 

If this is the case, employees are provided with a unique user ID and a temporary password.


Tips for the Administrators

  • Work Accounts can be synced and set up within the app using the Sync Microsoft AD Groups Tool.

  • Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Apple and Personal Microsoft or Outlook accounts start with a Social Invites. The invite is sent to the user's personal email address with instructions on how to sign in as a Social User. Once they've successfully logged in, they'll be recognized as a Social user in your Directory.

  • Social accounts are only given access to your Sparrow Connected web portal and mobile app. If Social accounts require access to the Sparrow Connected apps in MS SharePoint and/or MS Teams app, they will need direct permissions set up from your organization's Microsoft Active Directory.

  • Only Owners/Admins can assign a unique User ID (ex. ID-12345XYZ) to employees, which the employee can use to access and sign in to the Sparrow channels.