Introduction: Understanding Newsletters and Newsletter Issues

With intelligent newsletters you can push personalized newsletters via email to your employees. The Sparrow employee newsletter feature provides branding, audience targeting, and content targeting capabilities.

With Sparrow Intelligent Newsletters, you can send personalized emails to your employees that include content relevant to their role, interest, location, etc.  Each newsletter created is capable of sending out multiple issues, which are scheduled depending on the frequency you set.

The content of each Newsletter can be filtered by topic or content type (posts or events) to reinforce a particular message.  You can also modify the recipients of each newsletter using Sparrow audiences (Topics and Audiences) to target specific people or groups.

Our newsletters can be configured to include only posts and events that the employee has not read yet.  For instance, if the user is completely up-to-date and has read all your organization's published content since the last issue was sent, they will not receive this issue.  Alternatively, you can also configure the newsletter to be more static in nature showing the same pinned content for all recipients.

Only owners can configure your organization's newsletters. Learn how to manage newsletters.