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Understanding the Manage User Invites Screen

When creating or adding Social Users to your Sparrow implementation, you'll start with a Social User Invite. This invite is sent to the user's personal email address and includes a unique link which will direct the user to a signup page. Once they click on that link, they will be able to choose which Social provider (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Apple and Personal Microsoft or Outlook accounts) they want login with. This process links their Social accounts with your Sparrow Connected platform and grants them access to your portals and apps using said social account.

For a step-by-step guide on adding Social Users, visit Creating a Social User or Bulk inviting social users

When a Social User has not opened the link on the invite yet, they are considered pending as shown by the "Pending Invite" status. They will need to create their account and sign in to activate their profile. These pending invites can either be cancelled or resent through the Manage User Invites section.

How to get there

Only Owners/Admins can manage social user invites.
  1. Sign in to your portal
  2. Go to the Admin Portal
  3. Click on "Users and Permissions" on the navigation
  4. Go to More Options > Manage User Invites