1. Sparrow Connected Support
  2. App Management
  3. Manage Users, Roles and User Profiles

Understanding the Manage Users & Permissions Screen

  1. Users and Insights Tabs. These help you switch your view between the User list and the User Insights. Learn more about User Insights here
  2. Search bar and filter. You can search users by name or email address, or filter them by state (activated or deactivated), role, or account types.
  3. User List. Your users are listed down in alphabetical order (A-Z) by default. This list gives you quick helpful facts about your users.
    1. Name and email. Displays the user's first name, last name, and email address.
    2. State. Helps you identify whether or not the user currently has access to your portals and apps.
      1. Activated. Users who currently have access to your portals and apps.
      2. Deactivated. Deactivating accounts revokes the users' access to your organization's Sparrow app, portals and/or intranet.

        Read the instructions below on how to deactivate and activate users.
    3. Role. Shows you which role is assigned to a user. Read more about roles.
    4. Account type. Shows you which account type (Work, Social, or Sparrow) the user is registered with. Read more about account types.
    5. Activity. displays the total Views, Reads, Comments and Reactions of each user.
    6. Last login. Most recent user login, please note that the user could have use any Sparrow channel available to your organization (SharePoint Intranet, MS Teams, Mobile App, Web Portals, etc.).
  4. More Options. Scroll down or click on the following to learn more helpful tools in Users & Permissions. 
    1. Manage User Invites
    2. User Management Activity Log
    3. Download All User Data
  5. Add New User button. Choose this button to add more users to your directory. Here's a step-by-step guide on creating/adding new users.